Handouts to follow as they become available

Friday, February 9    

3-4PM   Support Surfaces Workshop: 

Investigating the ins and outs of what really goes on inside support surfaces and beds.

4:15-5:15PM     Workshop on Fistula Funnel/Crown: 

A hands on workshop featuring the new fistula funnel/crown.  It will address your fistula challenges.

Objectives can be found here

Download Presentation here

6-10PM    Exhibits with the Vendors: 

You are mad, if you do not check out the “curiouser” evening of exhibits.  Come dressed as your favorite Alice in Wonderland character or wear your favorite Mad Hatter hat!!!  The “Madness” begins at 6.

Saturday, February 10

7-8:30AM                 Open Registration/Breakfast with the Vendors

8:30-9:30AM          Have you Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole?

                                         Rose Murphee               Download Presentation Here
                                         Kim Saunders               Download 2nd portion Presentation Here

9:30-10:30AM        Is Fistula Management your Cup of Tea? Download Presentation Here
                                         Dr. Monson, Florida Hospital

10:30-11AM                        Break

11-Noon                   Moisture Madness/IAD  Download Presentation here  UPDATED
                                        Dr. Donna Bliss

12-1:30PM              Lunch/Membership Meeting

1:30-2:30PM           It’s OR Time  Download Presentation Here
                                        Scott Triggers Form Here           Scott QI Form Here
                                         Suzy Scott

2:30-3:30PM           Mad about Research   Download Presentation Here

                                          Dr. Daleen Penoyer  Bio Available

3:30-3:45PM           Let’s Have a Cup of Tea/Break

3:45-4:45PM           Painting the Roses Red:  What’s in your Products?  Download Presentation Here

                                         Deb Thayer    Bio Available

Just a few amazing memories with FAET members 

Vendor participation in our Friday night and Saturday morning breakfast was much appreciated and enjoyed by all!

Thank you for your continued support. 



2018 FAET Conference

Stop the Madness​

A Special thank you to the conference co-chairs

Terri Robinson and Karen Durigan for a whimsical 2018 conference

            And to the conference Committee for their continued support

​“If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland