Get Involved !

Want to become more involved and support FAET? Please consider running for a position on the

Board of Directors in the upcoming elections.

What does the Board do?

The Board of Directors manages the Association and all of its interests and affairs. It also sets the Association's direction, goals and priorities. Board members communicate during the year by email and conference calls. There are two Board meetings a year, one of which is at the annual conference.

Why should you become a Board member?

It helps you get more involved in your organization.
It is a great way to network with other ET/WOC nurses in the state.
You can use it for recertification through PGP.
FAET provides reimbursement for Officers and Board members as below

  • President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Education, Membership,
  • Media (Newsletter), Nominations Chair
  •  Hotel room for Board Meeting & to attend Conference
  • FAET Conference Fee
  • Mileage to attend Board Meetings at IRS approved rate 

How long will I have to serve?

Most positions are for two (2) years with a two (2) term limit.

Treasurer is for 3 (Three) years

How do I get nominated?

If you want to run for a position, or have any questions: Please notify the Chairperson of the nominations committee (email listed below). If you want to nominate someone, send their name also. All nominees must have been a member of FAET for at least one (1) year immediately prior to election. Self nominations accepted. 

​This is per the bylaws section V.
All officers are obliged to carry out the instructions of the Board of Directors.


The secretary gives notice of all Meetings of the Members and of the Board of Directors. This position has custody of all records and reports and is responsible for the keeping and reporting of
adequate minutes and records.
The treasurer is responsible for the custody of and the accounting for the Association’s funds. The Treasurer shall present financial reports to the Board at the scheduled Board meetings and at the annual Members’ meeting.

Please consider serving as a Board member! 
Send your questions or nominations to:   or

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